Cindy Clark serves her King Jesus in the role of an apostle / prophet with a pioneering and breakthrough anointing to help usher in the King of Glory as He releases the Fire and Glory of His Holy presence.  God sends her with a freshly anointed fiery message designed to awaken, purify, and prepare the Bride to rule and reign as priests, kings, and overcomers.

She often travels with the Tabernacle of Fire and Glory -- a visual representation of the types and patterns of heaven that sets the atmosphere for intimate worship and a glorious open heaven.  People are ushered into the all-consuming light of His Holy presence and undergo life changing transformation.

Cindy speaks and minisiters at numerous conferences, prayer events, churches, and leaders meetings, both nationally and internationally.  She has authored and released many cutting edge teachings that unveil the pure and true image of Jesus, calling all to return to the LORD!  Multitudes are challenged and empowered.

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